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The Value Of Emotional Support During Divorce

| Feb 11, 2024 | Divorce

The upheaval and turmoil that accompany divorce can be devastating and far-reaching. Divorce has the potential to impact every major aspect of a person’s life: physical, emotional, mental, spiritual, social, and financial. Divorce is stressful, but for some people, it is also emotionally traumatic. While it is common for people going through divorce to experience a wide range of emotions, including denial, grief, hurt, and anger, some people feel paralyzed and may find it difficult to cope with the ordinary demands of everyday life, including parental responsibilities and employment obligations.

Recognizing and dealing constructively with the stress and emotional trauma associated with divorce can be crucial to adjusting and moving forward in a healthy manner. If you are struggling emotionally during the divorce process, a licensed professional therapist can be invaluable to providing much-needed emotional support and guidance. Although divorce is a time when finances may seem tight or uncertain, it may be one of the most critical times for you and/or your children to have the emotional support and guidance of a skilled professional. Other options that may be effective include a support group, or counseling with religious or spiritual advisors.

Family and friends are important and beneficial sources of emotional support. However, they are not bound by rules of confidentiality and do not have the objectivity and training of a licensed professional therapist.

Attorney Daphne Edwards understand the profound and devastating impact that divorce can have on your life. We are committed to ensuring that your legal matters are handled in a professional, competent, and efficient manner. However, if you are struggling emotionally, don’t neglect your emotional and mental health. The more secure you are emotionally, the easier it will be to make balanced decisions and get through the legal process.

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