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Complex Divorce

| Feb 9, 2021 | Divorce

No divorce is easy. Though some divorce cases can be relatively simple to navigate from a lawyer’s perspective, each case presents its own unique obstacles, some of which are both challenging and complex. Experienced divorce lawyers know that complex cases can be contentious because the issues in question carry greater consequences to the parties involved.

Complex issues can arise at any juncture of a family law matter. Whether the complexity relates to marital property, financial support, or custody, a dispute over these complex issues can spill over into every other area of your divorce when not properly managed. Dealing with complex divorce matters requires the knowledge and experience of family law attorneys sophisticated in navigating the intricacies involved with high-tension litigation.

The most common complex issues include, but are not limited to:

  • Disputes over separate property;
  • Commingled property disputes (i.e., if separate property and marital property are mixed);
  • Valuation of real estate and other investments;
  • Valuation of professional practices;
  • Valuation of closely-held businesses and other partnerships;
  • Foreign investments;
  • High income of one or both parties;
  • Alcohol or substance abuse by one or both parties; and
  • Special medical or developmental needs of a child.

A skilled divorce attorney understands that complex issues also require the assistance of a network of trusted professionals to uncover and interpret complex financial issues that are presented. Experts are used to value assets, and/or determine a reasonable income amount. These skilled experts can include forensic accountants, appraisers, vocational experts, medical experts, and business valuation experts. Complex cases may take longer to resolve due to the substantial assets that must be identified, and financial documents to be analyzed. Once an expert has completed their investigation, a report of their findings will often be issued detailing their analysis to support the testimony they will provide. These experts can be critical in a complex case to help a judge understand the issue and make the best decision possible.

Because of this, it is necessary that you have a team of dedicated professionals representing your interests, coordinated and lead by an experienced divorce attorney. We understand both the legal and financial complexities that may arise in a family law case and possess the experience necessary to comprehensively protect your interests through intense situations.

Daphne Edwards and her family law team can help you navigate all your family law issues, including complex divorce matters. The firm is committed to providing excellent service to its clients. Call 919-891-8552 for your consultation.