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Moving Forward After Divorce

| Oct 22, 2019 | Divorce

At best, divorce is a difficult transition. Once your divorce is finalized, you’ll no doubt be ready for your brand new post-divorce life to begin. While that’s completely understandable, it can help to know that moving forward after divorce often includes challenges of its own. Preparing for what is to come can help you take on post-divorce challenges with greater ease. Whether you are facing a divorce or have post-divorce concerns, an experienced Raleigh divorce lawyer can help.

Tying Up Loose Ends

The divorce process involves plenty of paperwork, and once the judge has signed off on your divorce decree, you will likely be more than ready to put all of that behind you. The fact is, however, that there are some post-divorce details to take care of, including:

  • If you are changing your name, now is the time to make it official (via the Clerk of Court) and to make the switch on all your personal accounts.
  • If you have credit cards in both of your names, close those accounts and reopen cards in your own name.
  • Schedule a meeting with HR at work and change your income tax withholding status on your W4.
  • Update your beneficiaries on your life insurance policies, retirement accounts, and other financial instruments.
  • Update your estate plan, including powers of attorney, joint trusts, and other documents.
  • If your vehicle is in both your name and your ex’s name, you’ll need to change the title through the DMV.

It might not be pleasant to think about doing more administrative tasks, but efficiently taking care of these details post-divorce will provide you with the peace of mind that comes from knowing you’re moving forward int he right manner.

Expect Some Emotional Fallout

Many people anticipate the relief associated with having their divorce finalized, and it’s very true that the divorce process is emotionally trying. The fact is, however, that it can take time to move past divorce grief. You married for a reason, and you, nevertheless, felt the need to walk away from that marriage. It’s not uncommon to go through a grieving process once your marriage has officially ended. Divorce evokes different emotions in different people, and it’s important to recognize those feelings and to allow yourself the time and space you need to move through them.

Help Your Children Move Forward

Divorce can be a difficult process, but it may have been even more difficult for your children. After all, they are experiencing major changes in their lives. There are several steps you can take to help your children move forward in a healthy manner, including:

  • Never speaking ill of their other parent in your children’s presence
  • Engage in healthy co-parenting if you are sharing custody
  • Encourage the relationship with the other parent if the relationship is safe

If You Have Post-Divorce Concerns, Contact an Experienced Raleigh Divorce Lawyer Today

Post-divorce legal issues – including child support and spousal support modifications – are not uncommon, and the dedicated divorce lawyers at Daphne Edwards Divorce & Family Law in Raleigh are here to help. If you’re facing post-divorce issues, please don’t hesitate to contact us online or call us at 919-891-8552 today.