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Dealing With The Aftermath Of Divorce

| Aug 12, 2019 | Divorce

Going through a divorce is extremely difficult, and most people harbor the belief or hope that, once the divorce is finalized, things will be a lot easier. The fact is, however, that the aftermath of divorce comes with many challenges of its own. Understanding what these challenges are can help you deal with them when the time arises. If you are facing a divorce, you need an experienced Raleigh family lawyer on your side.

Shaky Confidence

You worked hard at your marriage, and it ended in divorce. Many of us view divorce as a failure that can affect our confidence. If you can fail at something that you gave your all to, what does that say about your ability to accomplish other things, including:

  • Living on your own
  • Making important decisions on your own
  • Forging a new relationship in the future

Yes, your marriage ended, but that does not make you a failure in any sense of the word. You have undoubtedly learned a great deal and grown as a person – as difficult as that was – in the process. In many situations, seeking a divorce is the right choice rather than staying in an unhappy situation. Making it to the other side of a divorce is a testament to your strength and courage.

Who am I?

Divorce – especially after a long marriage – may leave you feeling unsure of your place in the world. Whereas you were a wife or husband for all those years, you are no longer playing that role. Some people attempt to forge new identities for themselves after divorce, but it is important to remember that you are the same person you were when you were married – you have the same values, interests, and dreams.

Sometimes, our friendships change with major life events like divorce. Recognizing that someone you considered a close friend is not as loyal as you once thought can be difficult, but it is good to recognize who your real friends are. There are different kinds of friendships, of course, but a divorce will help you discover exactly how meaningful your truest friendships are and the support you have.

The Road Ahead

Divorce is an emotional rollercoaster, and you are naturally looking forward to ending the process sooner rather than later. The fact is, the post-divorce road can be difficult for different reasons. Not only will you be dealing with the emotional fallout of divorce, but also the financial consequences. You may have gone from two incomes to one, or you may have to return to work after taking years off with your children. You may have to move from the family home or change your professional pursuits if you owned a business with your spouse. It is important to know that most people take time to adjust to their post-divorce financial situations, and this is a common struggle.

If You’re Divorcing, Consult with an Experienced Raleigh Family Lawyer Today

Divorce is one of life’s most difficult hurdles. If you’re facing a divorce, Daphne Edwards at Daphne Edwards Divorce & Family Law in Raleigh, North Carolina, has the experience, skill, and compassion to help you. For more information, please contact or call us at 919-891-8552 today.