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4 Signs You May Be Headed For Divorce

| Mar 22, 2019 | Divorce

The divorce rate in the USA has steadily reached 40 to 50 percent. Divorce is financially expensive, emotionally expensive, and anyone undergoing a few of the warning signals below understands a possible upcoming choice. North Carolina divorces have continued increasing, and it is important to always get solid advice from an experienced attorney on these matters.

Some divorces are occurring as a result of a constructive separation in living situations or possibly a psychological separation when there is a problem with infidelity. What are some signs of a troubled marriage? While there are no hard and fast rules, by no means do any of the indicators below guarantee you’re destined for divorce. If you recognize these signs, it may be time to consult a Raleigh divorce lawyer.

#1: No Sex

A marriage is a particular type of relationship that involves intimacy and closeness. This is usually expressed in a normal and healthy sex life. If one of the partners is not able to obtain sexual gratification and is being given the runaround when they desire sex, they are going to be tempted to look for it elsewhere. Sex can be one of the only things that a couple can do to deal with built-up stress for the financial commitment necessary to retain the relationship.

#2: Unaffectionate and Cold

The lack of sex is also complemented by a lack of affection as couples are starting to show each other that it is not a temporary sexual problem, but also that they do not have any love and that something is wrong. This is the creation of psychological justification for why they can leave without conscience or start another relationship. Because sex begins with affection, a partner who is starting to withdraw will start to grow cold and not content with being hugged or kissed like before. They may be starting to build a mechanical relationship to separate it from an intimate relationship that they are forming with someone else.

#3: Problems Are Never Resolved

When couples are in danger of divorce, they let their problems simmer and fester. There is no attempt to bring things to a solution. When there is an attempt, it usually ends with an escalating argument that makes the problem worse. Couples who cannot communicate and work things out are living in a powder keg.

#4: Spending Time Away from a Partner

The more time that couples spend apart, the stronger the incentive to engage in infidelity and to make a full separation. Once a relationship falls into a physical separation where it is no longer convenient for partners to see each other, the world has a habit of coming between them. They will start to culture and develop an alternative lifestyle that does not include their partner. They may also separate themselves by internally devoting attention to the children and neglecting to give attention to their partner.

How to Help

If you think that you may be headed for a divorce, you need a Raleigh divorce lawyer who is determined to solve your problems. Daphne Edwards Divorce & Family Law seeks to help couples protect their assets before a partner milks them with matrimony payments or takes away important property. They are experienced in complicated cases that involve children and where couples have been together for a long period of time.

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