North Carolina State Bar Continuing Legal Education Conference

Daphne Edwards speaks from a podium

Daphne Edwards was a speaker for the 2019 Family Law Section Annual Meeting and Continuing Legal Education Event titled Family Law and The Mechanics: Say It Loud, Say It Clear.

This was a program hosted by the North Carolina Bar Association on May 3-4, 2019, in Asheville, North Carolina.

Daphne presented ten tips for enforcing child support and alimony orders. Specifically, she discussed:

  • Income withholding related to child support orders,
  • Income withholding related to alimony orders,
  • Civil contempt,
  • Proving a parties’ ability to pay through social media,
  • Proving a parties’ ability to pay through imputing income,
  • Criminal contempt,
  • Qualified domestic relations orders,
  • Writs of possession and transfer of property,
  • Securing payment by bond, mortgage, or deed of trust; and
  • Making the client a creditor.

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