Assisted Reproduction/ Surrogacy

Assisted Reproduction

Surrogacy, Donor Agreements & More

Issues related to fertility can be emotional and challenging. Our firm specializes in representing individuals and couples who are going through the process of becoming new parents using assisted reproduction technologies. If you are considering growing your family through assisted reproduction by using a surrogate or by egg, sperm, or embryo donation, we can advise you through this special time in building your family. Thankfully, there is a wide variety of options for our intended parents, and having a knowledgeable attorney can help ensure that the process is a smooth and positive experience. Using a third-party to build or grow your family is an exciting decision – and a journey that we enjoy providing support and counsel to our clients.


We work with intended parents who are building or expanding their family by using a surrogate to carry their child for them. The individual or couple may use a surrogate to carry their child because they are unable to conceive or carry the child to term. We help intended parents with gestational surrogacy and draft contracts between the new parents and the surrogate. We focus on planning and assisting our clients in engaging in important discussions with the surrogate and family members regarding the process and expectations.

Five-Star Reviews From Our Clients

"Daphne is a top-notch legal expert with a very dedicated team. They've worked hard to ensure, not just my interests are represented, but those of my daughter as well."

- David L.

Donation Options


Egg donation is the process where a woman donates her egg to an individual or a third party. A woman who donates the egg may be known to the intended parent(s) or can be anonymous. Women and couples may pursue egg donation if the female partner’s eggs are not viable for some reason, such as menopause or a certain medical condition. Women and couples may also seek egg donation in situations in which in vitro fertilization (IVF) has not been helpful. Egg donation is also an option for gay male couples, in addition to surrogacy.


Sperm donation has been practiced for over a century. As with egg donation, a sperm donator may be known to the intended parent(s) or can be anonymous. Women or couples may seek sperm donation in a variety of situations. A woman without a male partner or lesbian couples may seek sperm donation. A couple may pursue sperm donation if the male partner’s fertility is challenged. A pregnancy using a sperm donation is often accomplished through the use of artificial insemination.


Embryo donation is the process where couples who have successfully completed IVF donate their embryo to another individual or couple to help them achieve a pregnancy. During the IVF process, often multiple embryos are created and some are frozen. The relationship between the parties can be semi-open or negotiated.

We Represent Prospective Parents

Daphne Edwards Divorce & Family Law represents prospective parents throughout the process of assisted reproduction, through surrogacy or IVF. Whether you use your own genetic material or someone else’s, we can help you ensure that your legal footing is sound as you move forward to create or expand your family. We can put your mind at ease and ensure the protection of you and your child. 

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    "We are so grateful!We are so grateful!We are so grateful!"

    - Amanda L.

    "I cannot sing Daphne's praises enough. From the start, she took this case and treated my family as if it were her own. Thanks to Daphne and her AMAZING team, we WON our CUSTODY RELOCATION case and I was awarded SOLE legal custody!"

    - Brielle C.

    "Daphne is a caring, conscientious, proactive and reactive, compassionate, knowledgable attorney whom I trust wholeheartedly. I highly recommend Daphne if you are in need of an attorney who puts your best interest first and foremost above all else."

    - Tracy

    "The first consultation I had with Daphne I knew she was the one that I needed in my corner and I was 100% correct. She is very professional, extremely knowledgeable, has great communication, and most importantly always had my best interest in mind."

    - Alan I.

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